Ascended Alchemy

Chloe hom banales

Licensed Acupuncturist


Ascended Alchemy aims to create a collective ripple effect of positive change for this world, empowering the ones that empower others — one needle at a time.  We strive to create a community of inspired leaders by offering a safe space for all of their wellness needs surrounding mental health and spiritual integration.



While completing my Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I blend my experience from a Masters program in Chinese Medicine, Bachelors degree in Kinesiology, certification in Reiki, and academia in neurolinguistic programming to empower my clients to master the language of their mind and body to overcome patterns of pain and expand into the most powerful version of themselves.  As a licensed acupuncturist and alignment coach, I am dedicated to empowering others to perform better, think faster, and live a life that energizes them on all levels of reality: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Using a blend of ancient wisdom from Chinese Medicine and modern science, my mission is to stand as a reminder that the body has the power to heal itself.


“My session with Chloe was absolutely wonderful! It was my first time getting acupuncture, and she made me feel so at ease. Before the session, I felt exhausted. My muscles were aching and my mind would not slow down. Chloe seemed to know just what to do to bring me into a state of relaxation. I was able to fall into a deep, easeful state and came out of it feeling absolutely rejuvenated! Chloe's relaxed and cheerful vibe curated just the experience that I needed. I highly recommend getting a treatment done with Chloe.”

/  Raychel, Dream Weaver at Dream Fair - acupuncture client  /



My whole heart vibrates with gratitude to be here now and be witness to each person around me embracing deliberate action in creating their own dreams to manifest as well.


doctorate of acupuncture and chinese medicine (2020)

masters of science in traditional oriental medicine (2018)

bachelors of science in kinesiology (2008)

esoteric acupuncture, mukaino method, reiki II (2017-2019)


“Chloe is fantastic to work with! She was able to provide relief of my terrible sciatica. I’ve also done her VAT which is so super cool! I highly recommend working with her.”

/  crystal shipp, founder of wanderlust pilates - acupuncture client  /