An Acupuncture + Sound Bath Experience

“I didn’t realize what a difference ninety minutes could make,” he said.⁣

Anxious and scattered,⁣
to calm and grounded.⁣

More than a couple of people stopped me before they left to share that they were leaving the event as a different person entirely. ⁣

You could feel the energy shift.⁣

Someone else shared that they unexpectedly moved through some unresolved traumas and felt so much lighter afterwards.⁣

Release the old,⁣
receive the new.⁣

What a way to start a new month, right?⁣

It was a true honor to be a small part of each person’s acupuncture experience, as they courageously chose to create time for their own healing.⁣

With a heart full of gratitude, ⁣

Thank you.⁣
Thank you.⁣
Thank you.⁣

Let’s keep these vibes flowing, tribe.⁣
March already feels so good.

This is Ascended Alchemy.
This is your portal to Expanded Wellness

x Chloe Hom Banales, MSTOM, L.Ac.


Inspired to join the next acupuncture + sound bath experience?

Where: The Love Dome Venice

When: Thursday, July 18th at 7:00 pm

Participants will learn more about the benefits of sound healing, acupuncture, Reiki, tools to manage stress, exercises to manifest their highest frequency life, and receive individual acupuncture treatments in addition to treats from sponsored companies.

Tickets are available for $44/each or $77/two people via Venmo @ascendedalchemy or Eventbrite. If you are purchasing two tickets, you will receive a Venmo for the $11 difference.

Keep in touch via @_chloehom and @santamonicahealing on Instagram for updates as we prepare for this special experience ~

We look forward to sharing July 18th with you, soon! x

Chloe Banales