Inspired, yet Tired?

Just one person.

If I could inspire and empower one person today, it would all be worth it.

This is what carries me through my days.

This is what carried me through my perceived fear of public speaking and onto the stage at Kelly Ann’s sold out 200 person event in May.

(Wow, it’s already been over a month.)


A couple of weeks ago, it became more than worth it.

I am still vibrating with a full heart and overflowing with gratitude to have been able to treat an incredible woman who saw me speak at the Wake Up to Level Up event.

After a 4+ hour drive from Fresno, she made it on time and with a willingness to be vulnerable enough to allow herself to be supported.

Imagine that.

Dedicating the time to nourish yourself at a level of commitment where a 4-hour drive is a part of the healing process.

“You’re worthy of it all,” I reminded her.

She showed up committed to expanding into a new level of wellbeing, dedicated to learning how to take better care of herself to heal a nagging back ache, improve her sleep, and alleviate the tension she was experiencing not only physically but emotionally as well.

Emotionally, she felt grateful for the life that she had created for herself and her family as a successful business owner. Yet, she also shared that she found herself feeling frustrated and irritated more and more often because of her difficulty in not being able to feel fully present during work days.

Furthermore, she shared that the stress and tension seemed to follow her to every day-off and even on vacations when she had a break from work - like her body didn’t know how to simply relax.

Do you know anyone else with a similar story?

So many leaders, business owners, executives, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and creatives have shared similar stories of stress and feeling incapable of being able to fully be present without anxiety or overwhelm.

They’re used to working hard.
They’re used to achieving.

They’re also used to being inspired but yet tired - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So, how can we interrupt this pattern and write a new story of leadership that is built on a foundation of wellbeing?

It starts with a decision to choose your peace above all else.

Trust that your willingness to do things differently will create new results.

My personal mission is to create a collective ripple effect of positive change for this world, empowering the ones that empower others — one needle at a time.

The story of stress, overwhelm, and not being able to relax is one that I know too well. It’s the story that led to me waking up in the hospital with an IV of electrolytes attached to my arm because I insisted on placing my career goals and aspirations as priority over my health.

(More on this later.)

It is also the story of how I found my first acupuncturist and what inspired me to create Ascended Alchemy as what it is today.

Esoteric acupuncture, light therapy, group healing events, 1:1 coaching, and more.

I aim to create a community of inspired leaders by offering a safe space for all of their wellness needs surrounding mental health and peak performance integration, knowing that there is no separation of the mind, body, and spirit.

This is what will continue to carry me through my days.

This is what inspires me to prioritize my self care, health, and wellbeing.

What is inspiring you are you design the next six months of 2019?
How can I support you in your goals for the rest of the year? And beyond that, too!

Truly, it is an honor to be in this lifetime with you.

If any of this resonated with you, please send me a message - I love hearing from you and learning more about how I can better serve my community.

(I literally do little dances of joy when you share what you’re up to and what you’re creating for this world. You are such incredible humans!)

And based on this specific client’s feedback, I am so excited to now offer a new full-day intensive in Santa Monica that includes a total mind-body-spirit recalibration. Organic food, infrared sauna, cryotherapy, cupping, and more in addition to acupuncture. Each day is tailored to you based on where you are and where you would like to be, on every level of reality.

So. Much. To. Celebrate.

Again, thank you for being all of you.

This is Ascended Alchemy.
This is your portal to expanded wellness.

x @_chloehom

Photo magic from Christian James Tejidor ~

Chloe Banales