Creating Community through Conversation


Ascended Alchemy

Inspired by the healing properties of food and plants, we are creating elevated experiences by offering a safe space where individuals can reconnect with themselves and their community. We believe in learning through experience, so that is why we want to give our guests a chance to learn more about how to empower themselves in their own health, through cannabis infused dining. We are disrupting our cultures normal relationships towards food and plant medicines.

 It is with this mission that we facilitate elevated dining experiences.  We are committed to bringing inspiring, authentic conversations at the dinner table.  This is where thought-provoking ideas will be manifested, new connections will be sparked, and every relationship is enhanced.

We want to invite people to reconsider their preconceived notions for what is said to be good for you and what is said to be bad for you.  From food, to relationships, to medicine, and sustainability - We are challenging what is normal.

Food is from the earth itself, as well as plants, and it is our mission to inspire people to reconnect to that belief, and share their own stories of their own life, as experienced thus far.


An ELEVATE event is a secret, intimate speaker session where everyday humans share their extraordinary stories and the biggest takeaways and lessons they learned. 

Speakers for ELEVATE events are kept secret until the day of the event, but each one has a powerful story in the chosen theme for that night. (We are connected to some pretty inspiring humans, so you never know who we might have speaking)

We aim to provide the learning and conversations you would experience at a conference but making it accessible an affordable to anyone who is ready to step into a bigger life with the support of an amazing community of like-minded, yet diverse humans. 

So what happened at our first event?

Join the conversation here.

We believe in the power of community to transform your life, and aim to build a tribe of amazing humans, with powerful stories, who want to create impactful, purpose-filled journies in this life together.

The Pineapple Project

When given as a gift, the pineapple is an international symbol of the phrase “You are perfect.” It is our belief that every single individual - no matter their background, socio-economic status, age, or current circumstances - has everything within them to achieve anything in life that they truly desire. 

To further that, we believe no one is given a dream that they do not have the resources to fulfill. Their dream may require them to shed some limited layers of being, create new connections, or enhance a certain skill, but ultimately the dreamer can achieve anything they so desire. This project is committed to delivering the space, resources, and mindset required for each participant to take actionable steps towards building a life they are passionate about. 

Why is it so important to us that we share our successes and our struggles?

Without sharing our stories, relationships end up disconnected and people begin to feel isolated. By sharing our experiences, we inspire others to learn and share their own story.  

We create the space for others feels safe in embracing change and finding a conscious, elevated community through the catalyst of elevated conversations.