Media Mentions


Entrepreneur of the Week: Chloe Hom Banales

It was an honor to be recognized by DCN Media, Inc where I had the chance to share some advice on how we as a collective can continue to make a positive impact in society each and every day.


Talent: Joshua Tree Video, with Tastemade Travel

I had an incredibly fun time exploring one of my favorite places in the world, to capture a travel video featured by taste made.


Writer: I am still in the Practice of Allowing More Love in my Life

It is humbling to reflect on how resistant I was to sharing this to the Elephant Journal, let alone my own social media.  As ironic as it was, I still had thoughts of worry stemming from what people might think of me, or whether anyone would even like the poem.

Or, what happens if they DO like it?

Who am I to share about self love and acceptance when I still experience moments of anxiety?

Maybe I should wait to share this after I finish my website, or complete my exams.

Should I change “burritos” to something more spiritual?

And then I reminded myself to

B R E A T H E.

It wasn’t actually about the poem.

It was about being seen.
It was about being heard.

It was about being Love.

(And oh so human.)

This was another example the journey of unraveling the layers and stories of who I thought I had to be, to reveal who I actually am.

Is this something that you can relate to, too?

My intention is create and hold space for others to feel safe enough to unravel and rewrite their own stories in the same liberating way.

So, thank you—over and over again.

It’s because of courageous souls like you that I am who I am today.

This poem is for you, for me, and for us.

We need you to step into your brightest and most radiant Self, now more than ever.

And if you are willing to explore what this might look like in working with me as your coach, guide, or change catalyst —

Let’s chat about a 1:1 opportunity to interrupt those patterns of anxiety and overwhelm to create more trust and confidence in your unique voice.

I am, because you are.

x @chloehom_