What happens when you choose yourself?

Commit to transform your life from a place of love. Imagine standing in the intention that you are committing to a better way of being because you love your body, and you deserve to treat it to the best habits of training, nutrition, and mindfulness.

Rather than changing to your body because you dislike it, commit to habits that will fuel your body to live the life that you deserve.

“My session with Chloe was absolutely wonderful! It was my first time getting acupuncture, and she made me feel so at ease. Before the session, I felt exhausted. My muscles were aching and my mind would not slow down. Chloe seemed to know just what to do to bring me into a state of relaxation. I was able to fall into a deep, easeful state and came out of it feeling absolutely rejuvenated! Chloe's relaxed and cheerful vibe curated just the experience that I needed. I highly recommend getting a treatment done with Chloe.”

- Raychel, Dream Weaver at Dream Fair // Acupuncture Patient

"If I could sum up my time with Chloe in one word, it would have to be revolutionary. Chloe is not only full of knowledge, but is also open to sharing it. Her mentoring is not just about acquiring and finding success in the external world, but Chloe's mentoring focuses a lot on what is going on internally and mentally. She understands that inner calm leads to outer order and she uses her knowledge about neural linguistic programming, affirmations, and positive thinking to help guide her clients.

From working with Chloe, I have been able to step into my own light. Our weekly conversations held me accountable to my word and gave me motivation to get things done that I would otherwise set aside. It is amazing how much you can get done in one week if you have the right team supporting you. Because of Chloe's extensive knowledge in the business and entrepreneurial world, I was able to kickstart my business mentality and set aside my fears of doing so. Trust me, you want Chloe in your corner. I have learned so much about myself, my power, and my worth by working with Chloe. If you're ready for a revolution, sound the alarm because Chloe is the one for you."

- Mozelle Armijo, Feng Shui Practitoner, Entreprenuer, Writer, Student of Traditional Oriental Medicine // Life Coaching Client

While completing my Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine, I had the privilege of treating 350+ patients as an acupuncture intern under the supervision of licensed acupuncturists. Today, I am humbled to share the story of one of these patients who sought out my work for her knee pain and stress levels.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Chloe, and being treated by her, during her last weeks at the Pacific School of Oriental Medicine.

Chloe is thoughtful and gentle, thorough and curious. She really tries to understand the patient, and has a great memory for detail. I have felt in very good hands and wished I had started my treatment earlier, so that there would have been more time for being treated by her.

One thing I really want to stress is her ability to make recommendations, and then leaving the choice of which ones to follow to me, the patient.  No pressure, no judgment. I have found this to be a rare thing, and very much appreciated it."

- Claudia Hensel // Acupuncture Patient

“When I initiated contact with Chloe I was in a continuous cycle of negative self-talk and lacking inspiration to change my mindset. I had reached the point where I was no longer willing to tolerate this painful reality.  I knew it was time to seek guidance.  Through Chloe’s guidance I have discovered how powerful our own words are.  I regularly catch myself now and reframe my words to be more intentional towards myself and others.  The opportunity to have a coach who tailors your experience is critical in making change! Chloe got to know me and related her advice to the areas I was struggling with. Our 1 on 1 calls allowed me to trust her and open up while breaking down walls of fear I held.  When I approached Chloe I was wondering if this was the investment I needed in my life. For others who may feel on the fence I would encourage them to consider that they already took the hardest step -- they reached out to Chloe!  When you let down your walls Chloe’s authenticity and the tools she offers will be the driving force for change. You will be guided, but not controlled, through creating the path you want in life.  Living Lucidly in Colorado, Caitlin.”

- Caitlin Auvil // Life Coaching Client

"I found this creative work shop on the Meet up app and was a bit hesitant to go because everything they stand for sounded a little too good to be true. 

First off, World Nativ is a community of innovators, creatives, entrepreneurs who help create a community of support through business training, mentorship, and more. The Pineapple Project is an organization committed to inspiring and empowering young people to build extraordinary lives through personal development, entrepreneurship and contribution. 

Together, they created a space for people across the business and entrepreneurship spectrum from students to photographers to creative agency owners to connect and collaborate on an intimate level about their specific businesses, the challenges they are facing, and most importantly receive essential feedback. 

I’m currently in the beginning stages of my Entrepreneurial journey and with a degree in Communications/Advertising, I spend most of my free time self teaching, researching, and reading, along with trying to fit pieces together with my own start-up.

After the event ended, I was glowing with optimism and a burning motivation to keep on trekking on with my path. To be able to connect and learn from like minded individuals with a lot of experience under their belt at this event was #fuckingmagic ! The people at Pineapple Project and World Nativ are some pretty amazing people driven by love and the need to empower our millennial generation. The diversity in the room was also #fuckingmagic from shamans to a TedX speaker, everyone was completely genuine and pineapple perfect :)"

- Chelsea A. // The Pineapple Project. Mastermind Participant

"Dining with Ascended Alchemy uplifted my spirit, re-kindled a feeling of possibility, and nourished a sense of togetherness and family. Amazing, considering we all began as strangers!

Over the course of the six-hour multi-course meal prepared by Chef Brandon Allen, I soaked up knowledge on how to optimize my own system, which continues to fuel a newfound determination to inspire others to do the same.  What an beautiful experience to connect with other seekers in a way that felt genuine and supportive. Brought together with a common desire to learn and support others on their healing paths, I still felt shocked at how easy it felt to be myself, to feel at home in a crowd of new faces.

To experience the healing effects of cannabinoids and food-as-medicine in a supportive atmosphere felt like the kind of reassurance and connection I have been so eager to find since I moved to San Diego a year ago. As the night went on, speckled with games and mini-tutorials about our systems and foods that balance it, the depth of the experience only enhanced the the curiosity and openness of the other dinner guests.  Sharing stories, knowledge, laughs, it reminded me of the calm & peace I associate with Thanksgiving or a potluck with my best-friends. When I walked into the dinner, I was not prepared to enjoy myself as thoroughly as I did.  When it was time to leave, my belly and heart felt full and settled, already thinking of how to keep the momentum from the evening alive!  I could not be more excited, and GRATEFUL for the meaningful work that Ascended Alchemy is doing to foster community and health, to uplift people as their bodies rebalance; their work is ESSENTIAL and some of the best medicine I've experienced."

- Theresa P. // Ascended Alchemy, Dinner Guest