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How can it get any better than this?

The Pineapple Project is an annual event committed to empowering young people to take responsibility in creating extraordinary lives aligned in personal development, entrepreneurship, and contribution. 

Why "The Pineapple" Project?

When given as a gift, the pineapple is an international symbol of the phrase “You are perfect.” It is our belief that every single individual - no matter their background, socio-economic status, age, or current circumstances - has everything within them to achieve anything in life that they truly desire. 

To further that, we believe no one is given a dream that they do not have the resources to fulfill. Their dream may require them to shed some limited layers of being, create new connections, or enhance a certain skill, but ultimately the dreamer can achieve anything they so desire. This project is committed to delivering the space, resources, and mindset required for each participant to take actionable steps towards building a life they are passionate about. 

The first Pineapple Project event will be in the Spring of 2017, with bi-weekly small groups and meet ups until then. Our success lies in eliminating the fear of taking action by connecting influential thought leaders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, Olympic athletes, visionaries, and general badass people.

Upcoming Events

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Self-Defense Workshop Fundraiser

June 25, 2016

GBG SelfDefense.jpg

Who - Anyone and everyone! 

What - A free self-defense workshop lead by a local Chula Vista police officer and police instructor. Find the latest updates and discussion on the official Facebook event here. Any clothing and accessory purchases will give 10% of the proceeds to The Pineapple Project.

When - 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, with opportunities for shopping and networking after the workshop!

Where - Graced By Grit, 153 N Highway 101, Ste 103, Solana Beach, CA 92075. 

Why - Gain the skills and confidence to empower yourself in self defense tactics.  Each participant will also receive special Graced By Grit hair ties and whistles!

Meet your Instructor, Leo Banales –

"I trained in and competed as a Korean Karate student while in high school and college. As an adult, I trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for several years. Additionally, I trained for over two hundred and fifty hours as police student and as a police instructor.

In the past 18+ years, I have had the distinct honor of instructing hundreds of police officers, hundreds of police recruits, dozens of police cadets/ "explorers" and dozens of nurses, paramedics and security guards.

Numerous past students have related to me the numerous benefits of our time together. They have been inspired to train, and/ or become instructors, they developed their awareness, their self confidence and several have survived violent confrontations."

When is the The Pineapple Project?

Saturday, April 29th 2017 from 6:00AM - 6:00PM

Location To Be Announced. 


What can I get excited about?

Inspiring speakers – Young business CEOs, creative spoken word artists, self-made millionaires, knowledgable health advocates.

Workshops – You will leave with tools and skills to create your most extraordinary life aligned in fun, entrepreneurship, wellness, and contribution.

High Vibin' Food – We know you require "instagram-worthy" eats and treats. Not only will we feed your mind with the most amazing content, but we will also fuel your body with delicious, nutrient-dense snacks and meals.


Local networking – You will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who refuse to settle for the status quo.

Fun – Because changing the world does not have to be so serious! 


Wait, who's idea is this anyway?

Chloe Hom Banales

Co-Founder of The Pineapple Project, Health & Lifestyle Coach, Student of Oriental Medicine, Spirit Junkie

My personal brand of "chlo-eats-a lot" stems from my enthusiasm for burritos and food, in addition to my core personality having an exceptional "hunger" for life. The influential Arnold Schwarzenegger said it best - "For me, life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up to achieve, to conquer."

More than ever, I wholeheartedly believe that our world requires us to be step into our individual gifts of greatness. Each individual has something to offer this world that no one else can. I believe that we all deserve to live the life that we envision. With that belief, I understand that I must be willing to embrace each challenge on my journey and act in alignment with my vision - It is in these actions that I will create above average results.

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Mike Sebastian

Co-Founder of The Pineapple Project, Founder of WST, skydive enthusiast and general badass entrepreneur

On any given day you could look up and see Mike jumping out of a plane as a recreational skydiver and lover of all adrenaline oriented sports. When at home in San Diego, he is usually by the beach, with friends, or playing with his dog.

Professionally, he has ten years of experience developing and producing digital marketing strategies. His passion for finding the psychological reasons behind complex analytical data in eCommerce businesses has allowed him to pick and choose his clients in digital advertising.

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Mallory Gary

Social Media Strategist with The Pineapple Project, Hair Stylist, Creative Entrepreneur, and overall beautiful soul

Mallory established her business M Studios in 2013 in San Diego, CA. After five years of working as a hairstylist in her hometown Bakersfield, she still wondered what her true potential was. For four years, she traveled to maintain her clientele in Bakersfield as she slowly built the foundation for what would soon be M Studios. Now, business is booming at her studio located in Point Loma! With goals of opening a storefront in the future, Mallory concentrates on being a genuine artist and hair as her canvas. Her goal is to look at each client as they are, and get them to where they want to be, much like the Pineapple Project.

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